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Pineapple Chicken Curry with Rice

Pineapple Chicken Curry with Rice

My friends Chuck and Michelle introduced me to this dish many years ago. I think Michelle grew up it with in the UK and they adapted it while spending time at various Canadian Forces bases around the world. Although more modest than my version; using ketchup, milk, and raisins, I must give them credit for teaching me the basic flavours of the dish. The combination of sweet and spicy is a hit everytime.

Thanks are also due to my college friend Sukhwinder. When I made her this dish nearly a decade ago at a class potluck, she was reluctant but impressed with the result. It was only after passing this test that she shared with me the secret of Garam masala. Once I learned to eschew the grocery store ‘Curry’ powder in place of some authentic flavour, I was able to bring this dish to a new level.

If you have a local Indian Grocery, go and start a conversation. You will get the attention of every grandmother in the store when you ask for some ‘masala to make a curry’. Even if you start with some more readily available spices, I’m sure you will learn to love a new combination you might not have tried otherwise.

To be honest, today I mix and match with masala, prepared curry powder, and few other non-Indian flavours. The recipe below is what I typically use today. Be patient and experiment.

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