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My Fifty One Fifty

As a sometime professional musician and sound engineer who has been recording and gigging for over twenty years I have always been pretty picky about my gear. Being a serial tinkerer, most of my equipment has big dose of homebrew, my guitars are no exception.

Last January I decided it was time to start planning some long overdue repairs on my favourite stage guitar pictured here:


This simple Yamaha Pacifica has been my go-to guitar for about 12 years. It’s a very versatile guitar capable a wide variety of sounds from bell-like Strat tones to well sustained Hard Rock crunch.

It has a two piece oiled swamp ash body with a Seymour Duncan JB humbucker up front and a Blue/Gold Fender Lace Sensor at the neck. The bridge is a hard-tail Fender type string through body with Mike Christian Piezo saddles and a Bartolini active preamp. The neck is very narrow and very thin with an oiled bubinga fingerboard (which needs frets and the fingerboard is pretty worn). The original plan was to source a new neck, but that is the back-burner until a suitable replacement is in working order. Read the rest of this entry »