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Community. Association. Matters… To me

A recent attempt by a developer to build a non-conforming duplex in my neighbourhood has given me pause to think about what community really is.

The trend in older neighbourhoods like ours is to bulldoze, build substantial structures, and sell. Unfortunately, the huge cost involved in flipping a new construction motivates developers to maximize on the return as quickly as possible, without due regard for what they leave behind. We enjoy some very old, and very new homes, healthy lot sizes, and many large mature trees. I won’t pretend that I know how to design a home that is at once modern and integrates into an existing community, but I it seems obvious to me that it is common sense to try.

The objection from the residents was two fold:

  1. The consensus from the neighbourhood at large (not just the adjacent properties) was that no consideration was made for the aesthetic impact of this particular design.
  2. There was a clear violation of the zoning bylaws.

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